Creativity in Design

Master of Science: Human-Computer Interaction Design

Module: Creativity in Design

Project: How can we enhance connected services through the Internet of Things (IoT) in museum and gallery spaces?

“Internet of Things (IoT) technology is becoming increasingly used to deliver novel solutions, using a multitude of devices that are connected wirelessly and that can talk to each other (and users).

This design brief asks you to investigate how IoT can be employed creatively to enhance the user experience via providing connected services in museum and gallery spaces. The team will design or redesign a connected service for a specific museum or gallery, demonstrating their knowledge and skills in creatively developing a novel solution.

As a team, you will decide to focus on one or more specific IoT technologies in your coursework that might lend itself to the museum or gallery.”


creativity in design presentation

Museums attract people of all ages and from many walks of life. But with new, interactive technologies quickly developing, is the museum industry taking advantage of new opportunities to engage and delight these visitors? We have incorporated new technologies into a service design that aims to enhance the experience of a typical primary school student on a school trip at the Horniman Museum (HM). We challenged ourselves to create something that incorporated Internet of Things (IoT) technology to facilitate giving school children greater independence in order to encourage engagement with learning. This report describes the creative process we followed in designing this connected service, including details of the plethora of creative design techniques used and our reflections. The storyboard shows the end-to-end service, while pictures of a low-fidelity smartwatch touchpoint prototype and 3D service environment explain details of the resulting design.