Information Architecture

Information Architecture 2017

Master of Science: Human-Computer Interaction Design

Module: Information Architecture

Project: Capture IA requirements in an information-rich domain of your choice

“Your IA design project can be based on an information-rich domain of your choice. This might be a domain you already have a professional or personal interest in and/or one where you are frustrated that existing Web-based information environments do not make it easy enough for users to find information.”


The chosen domain is a cinema-overview-site for London. The site contains film programs, buying tickets, information about the films showing (directors, stars, ratings, reviews), information about upcoming films, information about different venues and events, information about film festivals.

This domain was chosen based on my personal interest in films as well as a noticeable lack of overviews when it comes to cinemas in London. Cinema chains like “Vue” and “Odeon” exist, but in addition to these, there are several independent cinemas that are harder to discover. A cinema website covering London would give an overview of the films showing all over London. There will be an opportunity to discover new information as well as find the information that you are looking for.

wireframes 1
wireframes 2
User Journey