Interaction Design

Interaction Design Project 2017

Master of Science: Human-Computer Interaction Design

Module: Interaction Design

Project: Digital Design to Enhance the Museum Experience

“Your challenge is to design an interactive digital technology to enhance the experience of visitors to a museum or gallery of your choice. Ideally the technology should let visitors contribute some form of content, but it is up to you to decide on the exact design problem. This decision should be based on the findings from user research.”


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From the Report

Our design goals are to support the museum’s objective to bring together and display the stories and objects that make London the world’s greatest city; to engage and inspire future generations of Londoners and research / to ask questions about our shared experience as Londoners. Before beginning work on designing a new experience for the museum we needed to understand the visitors, the spaces they used and the activities they engaged in. The aim in doing this was to establish the requirements, to define the functional specification for our prototype. The team used three approaches to researching visitors: observations; interviews; and literature review, in order to triangulate our findings and deliver a successful design solution.

The final design proposal is for a photo / dress-up booth called ‘Timeless London Fashion Experience’ in which users can virtually dress up and try on fashions from the exhibits displayed throughout the museum. The booth will be centrally positioned, near to the Sackler Hall Cafe. It will be large enough to accommodate a small family group of 2-3 people and consist of a full height digital ‘mirror’, a control panel (aka console), 3 hidden cameras which will be used to build a 3D reconstruction of the outfit mapped onto the body of the selected user and floor markings to indicate where the user should stand while the camera works. The photo will be generated from the image captured on the digital mirror. The digital image will be shared via the secure museum network to the user’s preferred online account such as email/facebook/Instagram/twitter.

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